We can learn to see each other and see ourselves in each other and recognize that human beings are more alike than we are unalike” Dr. Maya Angelou

He strives to teach his students to see, honor, and connect with the humanity within themselves and among others. As an instructor, he recognizes the importance of planning, researching, organizing, and delivering presentations. However, he also believes that communication has the potential to shape our world through understanding and connecting with others. Through effective communication, we engage in civic conversations and decision-making processes by voicing, listening, and responding to information, experiences, and emotions. As communicators, we have the responsibility to take ethical stances in relation to ourselves, others, communities, and social issues. His teaching philosophy is grounded in studying and practicing communication as a social responsibility that embodies concern for others, attention to words and nonverbal expressions, and a commitment to understanding the multiple perspectives of issues.

His approach to teaching is to merge these elements while balancing the needs of the individual and the group. He strives to create practical and constructive learning environments that allow for the use of dialogue as a tool to work through the challenges and uncertainties inherent in creative experimentation. This requires patience and a willingness to embrace the messiness that often accompanies the learning process.

Teaching Interests

Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Health Communication, Media Literacy, Social Media, Misinformation, Media Ethics, Public Speaking, Media Writings, Business Writings, Health and Culture, Organizational Communication

Classes Taught

James Madison University

  1. SCOM 367: Advanced Public Relations Writing (Spring 2023)
  2. SCOM 123: Fundamental Human Communication: Group Presentations (Spring 2023)
  3. SCOM 123: Fundamental Human Communication: Group Presentations (Fall 2022)

University of Kansas

  1. JOUR304: Media Writing for Audiences (Spring 2022)
  2. JOUR304: Media Writing for Audiences (Fall 2021)
  3. JOUR 101: Media and Society (Spring 2021)
  4. JOUR304: Media Writing for Audiences (Fall 2020)
  5. BUS 305: Business Writing (Spring 2020)
  6. BUS 305: Business Writing (Fall 2019)

University of Maine

  1. CMJ 103: Public Speaking (Summer 2019)
  2. CMJ 103: Public Speaking (Spring 2019)
  3. CMJ 103: Public Speaking (Fall 2018)

University of the Punjab

  1. BS (Honors) 217: Introduction to Strategic Communication (Fall 2015)
  2. BS (Honors) 101: National and International Affairs (Fall 2014)
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